Allow me to introduce our team. I am Stacy Hoot, wife to the love of my life, Aaron. We live on the Cumberland River in picturesque Riddleton, TN. We have been blessed with 9 beautiful children and one grandson in our 30 wonderful years of marriage. Aaron is such a great help to our photography. He is behind all the great lenses and cameras. He does all the research and is our greatest encourager.

Katelyn, our oldest daughter, is a tremendous photographer. She fell in love with photography at a young age and I have to say has been blessed with a natural talent. She is also an avid cook! She loves to capture engagement photos and has done a great job in capturing the couples in such an artistic manner. She also loves nature photography when she is not cooking up something delicious in the kitchen!

Emily is our second oldest daughter and from a very young age has loved art. She enjoys photography just as much as drawing and writing. During one of the weddings we had to shoot, she filled in for Katelyn who was one of the bridesmaids. She quickly showed her artistic side by capturing some of the most interesting detail during the ceremony. We quickly realized that her talents and love for capturing moments in time was needed.

Our youngest daughter Vivy loves taking photos as well. She is 12 and has been a huge help to us during the weddings by holding our equipment and getting us the lenses that we need. We are excited to watch her progress as she learns all about photography.

Our sons, Jon and Joey have been a great help in lugging around our equipment. They are usually behind the scenes and never get any recognition. They make our jobs easier. Thanks boys! Our other boys are now grown and on their own but have made such sacrifices in the past to help us get our business started. They also have lugged around equipment and we couldn't have done it without them.

Kim, my beautiful daughter in law, has joined our group and has a natural talent for capturing beautiful photos of tender moments. She fell in love capturing newborns after the birth of our grandson.

My love for photography began when I was young. My grandmother and mother both captured so many moments and memories over the years using old poloroid, 110 and 35mm film cameras. I spent countless hours in albums filled with old black and white and color photos of special moments that documented the history of our family.